AUDI A6 4F (BiXenon AFS-BiXenonAFS)

AUDI A6 4F (BiXenon AFS-BiXenonAFS) headlights with LED as DRL, these headlights are prepared for fitting in a models which didn't have LED previously. They are dedicated to a car which had Bi-xenon headlights with AFS(cornering curve) but without LED. These headlights work as Bi-Xenon with cornering curve , it means that they are fitted with original Audi lens which let to have better lighting focus and better visibility on roads. This set works with original xenon sets. The headlights come without bulbs and ballasts. Customer can use xenon sets from old headlights and cornering modules. Bi-Xenon means that both lights, low and high beam work with lens. Inner lights we can modify as additional high beam for customer request. Headlights upgrading don't need any parts,wires changing and computer reprogramming. No errors at dashboard. Leds work as the orginal: they dimm when lights switched on and when indicators give turning light. All our set are genuine part of Audi manufacture, you don't need to be worry about legality. The set is covered with 6 months warranty.

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