AUDI TT II 2007- (upgrade: Bi-xenon-Bi-xenon with LED) HEADLIGH

AUDI TT II 2007- (upgrade: Bi-xenom-Bi-xenon with LED) HEADLIGHTS WITH LED AS DRL, these headlights are prepared for fitting at models which didn't have LED previously. They are dedicated to a car which had Bi-xenon with normal bulb DRL headlights. These headlights are Bi-Xenon , it means that they are fitted with original Audi lens which give your car better lighting focus and better visibility on roads. Bi-Xenon means that both lights, low and high beam work with lens. No errors at dashboard. Leds work as the orginal: they dimm when lights switched on and when indicators give turning light. All our set are genuine part of Audi manufacture, you don't need to be worry about legality. Installation is Plug&Play, you need just replace your old headlights , and reprogramme your board computer ffor a new headlights with LED. Need use VagCom interface. Programming instruction is given with a set or sent to customer email. Why don't make your car cool ??? Exchanging your normal headlights with a Xenon-LED technology, bringing a lot benefits for you and your car. Xenon lights work more efective and have much brighter lights then normal bulbs what makes much more confortable driving in the night. LED technology give you less energy consumption and longlife (normal bulb up 1000 hours, LED 70000 hours). LED lights much more brighter then normal bulb what makes your car better visible on the road by other drivers. The set is covered with 6 months warranty.
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